The Library in the Forest offers test proctoring services by appointment only. These services are subject to availability of personnel, facilities and required technology.

Proctoring is available on Fridays from 11am – 3pm. All exams must be completed by 3pm.

Proctoring is not available on weekends, evenings, or other days of the week.

A $20 fee is required per session. Acceptable payment methods include credit card, debit card, cash, or check.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call Bethany Mitchell at (205) 978-4679 or email

All proctoring takes place in the Electronic Classroom of the Vestavia Hills Library. Please review our proctoring policies below.

The Student Will:

  • Know the amount of time allowed for your test. Time allowed means the time required by law or the institution, not the typical completion time.
  • Schedule test at least one week in advance – This is a firm requirement.
  • Verify with both the school and library that consent has been given and (if applicable) that all testing materials have been received by the library at least one day prior to the day of your proctoring appointment.
  • Be the liaison between the school and the proctor.
    • After a test time has been scheduled with the library, arrange for the test or password (s) to be sent to the library.
    • Call the library at least one day prior to the test to be sure it has arrived.
  • Bring a picture ID, student ID, pens/pencils and a basic calculator if required/allowed.
  • Provide addressed, stamped envelopes and money for printing if required for returning completed test results to school. Printing costs are: $0.10 per page for black & white; $0.50 per page for color.
  • Relinquish use of personal laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc., if required by the school.
  • Call to cancel as soon as possible if unable to keep reserved testing time.

The Library Will:

  • Provide a designated contact number, email address and physical address. Correspondence will be handled via email, phone or in person.
    Phone: 205.978.4679
    Address: 1221 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
  • Provide a testing area, with library staff supervision.
  • Provide a laptop, if needed, for the student to use for online testing. However, we will not download testing software that is not compatible with our network.
  • Check the student’s photo ID.
  • Report any perceived violation of the posted exam rules to the school.
  • Forward tests via email or mail at the student’s expense.

Limits to Proctoring Service:

  • The library will not accommodate requests for unscheduled proctoring.
  • The library will not proctor an exam brought in by the student.
  • The library cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the library laptops.
  • The library will not be responsible for tests that are interrupted by library emergencies, power failures or computer hardware/software failures.
  • The library will not be responsible for any delayed tests or for completed tests once they leave the library’s possession and have been sent to the school.
  • If test results/materials are to be returned to the school by mail, the library will send them promptly but cannot make a guarantee that the testing institution will receive them by a specific date.
  • The library reserves the right to substitute a proctor if the original proctor is unavailable.
  • The library reserves the right to decline to administer tests that are staff intensive.


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