3D Printing

Do you have a 3D model or creation you would like to make at the library? Patrons can now have 3D objects printed with the library’s MakerBot 3D printer!

Guidelines & File Submission

3D printing services are available to the public by appointment only. While we strive to ensure that all appointment times are fulfilled, we reserve the right to cancel an appointment should scheduling issues arise. If the schedule for the printer becomes unduly full, patrons will be limited in the number of appointments they may make in order to ensure that everyone has access to the device.

When arriving for an appointment, be sure to bring the file of the 3D object to be printed. Acceptable file formats are: .STL; .OBJ; or .THING MakerBot project files. Files may also be submitted prior to your appointment: Click here submit your file online.

Upon receipt of a file, the library staff will adjust the object with MakerBot software in order to make it compatible with our 3D printer and will ensure that the project can be produced within the time constraints of the appointment. In the event that the object is not able to be printed, library staff will offer suggestions so that the object can be printed during the allotted appointment time.

If you do not wish to make an appointment to have your object printed, you may submit files to be printed and picked up at a later date. Click here submit your file online. Upon receipt, staff will prepare the file for printing and will provide an estimated cost as well as the estimated date of completion. Acceptable file formats are: .STL; .OBJ; or .THING MakerBot project files.

The library’s 3D printer may only be used for lawful purposes. Any desired material that breaks the law, poses a threat to the wellbeing of another, or is considered obscene will not be printed. Further, the library reserves the right to refuse any print request for any reason whatsoever.

All submissions must comply with the library’s 3D printer policies as outlined above. For additional information regarding file submission or the library’s 3D printer policy, contact Derek Anderson at 205.978.3683.

Resources & Software


There is a $5 flat fee and an additional $0.10 per gram fee for any usage of the 3D printer. These charges reimburse the library for the costs of materials (e.g. filament and parts) and do not generate a profit.

FREE introductory 3D Printing & Design classes are offered monthly in our Makerspace to help get you started. Click here to view Makerspace programming.