What to Watch on Kanopy This Weekend: Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Dial M for Murder

What to Watch on Kanopy This Weekend

Kanopy provides its viewers with great, unsung movies that deserve consideration, interesting documentaries on a range of different topics, and some of the best films that have been released within the past few years. Below are two movies on Kanopy that you can watch this weekend if you are looking for some thoughtful and thought provoking entertainment.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Taika Waititi unapologetically blends offbeat humor with a charming, quick wit. Hunt for the Wilderpeople exemplifies Waititi’s unique, bold style of comedy. Ricky Baker is a juvenile delinquent that moves in with a couple, who live near the New Zealand bush. He enjoys writing and reciting haikus, reading books, and talking about being a gangster. Many of the movie’s best jokes stem from these interests. Ricky ends up bonding with the cheerful Bella and her cranky husband, Hector, as they become positive influences for him.

Unfortunately, everything changes when Bella dies. In order to avoid going back to juvenile prison, Ricky fakes his death and flees into the New Zealand bush where he runs into Hector. They work together as they confront natural dangers and seek to stay ahead of the national manhunt seeking them.

I always grin from ear to ear whenever I think about Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The story thrives from originality and excellent comedic timing, which is something we could probably all use during the midst of our quarantine.

Dial M for Murder

Alfred Hitchcock’s movies epitomize topics such as thriller, suspense, plot twists and murder. These four categories appear in Hitchcock’s 1954 film, Dial M for Murder. The essence of this mystery revolves around Ray Milland’s Tony Wendice and his plan to murder his wife, Grace Kelly’s Margot Wendice. When Tony’s plan does not work out, he decides to frame his wife and force the State to execute her. A meticulous detective must try to solve and uncover Tony’s original intentions to prevent Margot’s death.

Dial M for Murder concentrates on all the precise steps that the main characters take in order to defend themselves over this crime scene. The majority of this movie occurs in one room, which allows us to recognize how one small mistake ruins the perfect crime. Hitchcock’s use of three different McGuffins (i.e. a specific object meant to propel a movie’s plot forward) generates an exciting plot that never thins throughout the entirety of the film.

By William Anthony, Page and Movie Enthusiast