How do I get a library membership?

If you live in Jefferson County, you must apply in person, show a driver’s license with current address or a form of government-issued photo ID, and show verification of current address (such as a piece of mail, lease agreement, checkbook, billing statement, etc.).  If you live outside of Jefferson County, you must pay a $50 annual fee in addition to the above requirements.

Can my child get a library card?

Yes! A parent or legal guardian must be present and both parent (or guardian) and child must sign the application and responsibility statement. The parent/legal guardian must show a driver’s license with current address or a form of government-issued ID and verification of current address (such as a piece of mail, lease agreement, checkbook, billing statement, etc.).

Where can I use my library card?

You can use your library card at any Jefferson County Public Library. For a complete list of locations and hours, CLICK HERE. Please note that if you borrow materials from other Jefferson County libraries, checkout time, late charges and return requirements may vary.

How long will my card be valid?

Library cards are valid for one year. When your card expires, you may renew it at any JCLC library by showing your driver’s license or other government issued photo ID and verification of current address.

How many items can I check out at a time?

You may have a maximum of 150 items checked out on your card at a time.

Can I request materials from other libraries to pick up at the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest?

Yes! Materials from other JCLC libraries can be requested by patrons for pick up at the Library in the Forest. These requests can be made online (CLICK HERE) or in person.

How do I renew materials?

Any non-digital item checked out at a JCLC location will be renewed automatically at the end of its lending period, with the following exceptions:

  • Another patron places a reserve on that item
  • The item has reached its maximum number of renewals (2 for most items)
  • Your account has accrued $5.01 or more in fines
  • If the item is not renewable
  • Your account activity has been blocked
  • The item is an eBook (digital item)

You may also renew items in person, online by clicking the “Renew Online” button below or by calling 205.226.3790 (anytime) or by calling 205.978.0155 during normal library hours. Be sure to have your library card available. All items can be renewed twice unless another patron has the item on hold.

Renew Online

You will be notified by the courtesy email notice that your item has been automatically renewed. If you opted to not receive courtesy email notices, you will not be notified. You will be alerted with the standard notice, however, when the item is overdue.

Can I pay overdue fines online?

Yes! Click the button below to pay fines online.

Pay Fines Online

What if I don’t have the money to pay my overdue fines?

Turn in your overdue items anyway to prevent accruing even more fines. You can still check out items if your fines are $5.00 or less.

What if an item I checked out from the library gets damaged or lost?

You are responsible for all items checked out on your card. Click HERE to view overdue and replacement fees.

Can I register to vote at the Library?

Yes, the library offers voter registration forms. You can complete and submit the form onsite or complete later and mail.

Can I donate books to the Library?

**Book donation acceptance has been suspended temporarily until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. **

Normal, yes. Donations will be reviewed by a librarian and either added to the library’s collection or given to the Friends of the Library Bookstore to be sold.

I need a place to study with a group. Does the Library have study rooms?

**Due to COVID-19 restrictions, study rooms are not available at this time. **

The library has four study rooms available for patron use available on a first come, first served basis. Click HERE for guidelines regarding the use of study rooms.

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