Winnie’s Blog – Valentine’s Day

Kristin Gilmore Kids & Tweens

Valentine’s Day is a really fun day.

People buy a lot of heart shaped things and candy on Valentine’s Day.

The librarians gave me a heart shaped treat and lots of hugs.

This made me think about love and what it means.

I know that I love some people very much.

I love the librarians that take care of me.

I love my parents.

I love my friend Herman.

But then there are the other billions and billions of creatures on this planet. Do I love them too?

If I think hard enough about each living thing, I realize that I really do love them all in some way.

Sometimes creatures are scary.

Sometimes creatures are mean.

But love is a funny thing because it can make me stronger than the things that make me afraid and angry.

If I look at things with love, I understand them better and I don’t have to be scared or mad anymore.

Lions are scary because they eat little guys like me, but they are also beautiful and important to their ecosystems. I love lions because they are so important and majestic, even if they are scary sometimes.

When I don’t understand someone, I feel afraid. I am afraid because I don’t understand them and I wonder if they are going to be nice or not. I am afraid because our differences make me feel awkward. But if I try to understand them better and listen to their story, then I don’t feel afraid anymore.

Most of the time, the people I am afraid of are just like me in a lot of ways, just not as prickly.

That’s why I know I love every creature, or I at least try to, because every creature is worth a lot to this world we all live in. Every creature and every person is worth looking at with love before anything else.