Winnie’s Blog – Favorite Food!

Kristin Gilmore Kids & Tweens

Everyone knows that hedgehogs eat insects and worms.

I love to munch on bugs that crunch and slimy worms that wiggle.

But the food I love the most is CUPCAKES!!!

They come in so many different colors and flavors and they are the perfect size for me.

I heard about a place where cupcakes can be found from my best friend, Herman.

“I don’t care for sweets,” He said, “but I know where there are a lot of cupcakes.”

“CUPCAKES!” I exclaimed. “Where?! Please tell me!”

He got a really serious look on his face and said, “On the other side of the book cases and through two sets of doors.” Doors are impossible for us to open on our own.

I came up with a plan: Break out of my cage and hitch a ride on a librarian’s back.

It took a lot of strategy, but I did it. I waited until a librarian walked by and I jumped on her back.

She walked past the book cases and through two giant, heavy doors into a room I’d never seen before.

The room was filled with snack foods and treats, but I was only looking for cupcakes.

Finally, I saw them. The librarian opened the refrigerator door and there they were: vanilla cupcakes with red and pink icing. The icing sparkled in the refrigerator’s light.

She grabbed one off the plate and made her way back the way she came.

They were too far for me to reach. I didn’t plan that far ahead and went back empty handed.

When I jumped back into my cage, I buried myself in my blanket and accepted my defeat.

I sat there for only a moment before my cage began to rattle as someone opened the door.

It was the librarian with a cupcake! She put a sparkling, sweet cupcake in front of me.

She said, “Happy early Valentine’s, Winnie.”

I could only squeak with joy before I buried my face in the sugary goodness.