Upcoming July Events!

Derek Anderson Teens

July is finally here, and that means another month of fun with the Teen Department! Check out our awesome events:

Superhero…Post It – July 7th at 5:30 PM

Come and participate in an awesome project where we use post-its to create your favorite superheroes! Pizza will be there!

Writing Group – July 8th and July 22nd at 4 PM

Join other teens in the Writing Group! Write, give feedback to each other, and share your work to build writing and creative skills!

Open Gaming – July 10th, 17th, and 24th at 4 PM

Enjoy awesome video games on the Wii-U and Xbox 360! There are also board games to play with fellow teens!

Minecraft in the Forest – July 11th at 1 PM

This time, it’s all about hide-and-seek! Will you have the best hiding spot and last the longest as other teens seek you out? Don’t forget to call 205-978-3683 and sign up for Minecraft before all of the spaces are filled!

Anime Night/Candy Sushi – July 14th at 5:30

Join other otaku, and watch the chosen anime by the majority! Choose between popular titles, including Kuroko’s Basketball and Parasyte! Also, bring your sweet tooth and creativity, because you will be making candy sushi!

Butler/Maid Café – July 15th at 4 PM

Join the Teen Department in its first-ever Maid/Butler Café! Come try Japanese food and desserts based on several anime. Also, play games with fellow teens, including Uno and the new J-Stars Victory Vs+ on PS4, for an opportunity to gain coins for more food or just to have fun!

If you’re interested in becoming a maid or butler, sign up at the Teen Desk!

Paper Towns Release Party – July 21st at 5:30

Paper Towns releases in theaters July 24th, and we’re giving away three FREE movie tickets! I highly recommend reading the book beforehand, if you want to win one! Join us for trivia, eat Paper Towns-themed snacks, and do other fun activities and crafts!

3rd Annual Zombie Scavenger Hunt – July 28th at 5:30 PM

Test your zombie apocalyptic survival skills in this year’s Zombie Scavenger Hunt! Fight off other contestants and search for the survival items hidden around the library! There will be pizza and door prizes!

Super Smash Bros. Tournament – July 31st at 4 PM

Will you be the one to dominate the competition? Take the time now to advance your Super Smash Bros. skill, and fight to win a Gamestop gift card! Snacks are served.