Summer Tween: Hour of the Olympics (Finale)

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About this event:

Created by hparker

Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest Facebook

Click this link to see the highly anticipated tween finale: Hour of the Olympics!!
If you watched our Olympic video or did your own challenges, email Ms. Holly at to get your very own emoji medal!

Check out this fun list of Olympic activities you can try at home!

Straw Javelin Toss                                                         Hula-Hoop Competition
Water balloon toss                                                         Limbo
Long Jump                                                                      Ring Toss
Jump Rope                                                                      Bean Bag Toss
Discus Throw (Frisbee)                                                 Running/ Races
Backyard MiniGolf                                                         Target Practice
Fill the Bucket Water Challenge                                  Egg on a spoon race
Rubber Band Archery                                                    Balloon Tennis
Backyard obstacle course                                              Sidewalk Chalk Jump
Check out a book about the Olympics                        Three-Legged Race
Basketball                                                                         Gymnastics
Soccer                                                                                Volleyball
Swimming                                                                         Bicycle Races

Learn about the Olympics and see if you can decode the message. Click the link below to download a pdf version of the Decode the Message sheet!    CLICK HERE: Decode the Message (1)

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