App News: What is Shazam?

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Shazam is a free mobile app that recognizes music, TV, movies, and other media around you. It’s the best way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love – and it’s free on Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. How does it work? Well, say you hear a song on the radio that you like and you …

New Digital Content for Vestavia Hills Residents

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Check out our new digital offerings for Vestavia Hills Residents. Hoopla is an app for checking out and watching Movies, Tv Shows, Audio Books, and  Music Albums on your mobile device or computer. Zinio is an app that allows you to download full digital versions of several different popular magazines, and Mango is an online program allowing you the ability …

office 2010

Office 2010 Classes Available

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We offer beginner courses on Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint , and Publisher. Be sure to register for the classes as space is limited. Microsoft Excel The Microsoft Excel course is a spreadsheet application used to perform calculations, making graphs, creating tables, and displaying various kinds of information. The class is designed to give a basic understanding of the Microsoft …

Need Help Downloading Free Library eBooks and Audio Books?

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Set up a free appointment for one of our many Downloadable eBooks & audio books with Kindle, Nook, and iPad Classes! The Kindle and Nook are two different types of e-reader (electronic reader) devices used to read books, play games, surf the internet, and many other functions. The iPad is a type of tablet created by Apple Inc., and it …


Resume Help is Here!

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  Our Resume 101 course is designed to teach people how to create professional looking  resumes using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. Topics discussed  are; how to properly format a resume, things to include a resume, things to avoid in a resume, good interview skills, and also things to avoid during an interview. The objective of the class is to …

Turn it Off or Leave it On?

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It’s a question I hear quite often, “should I turn my computer off every night or leave it on all the time?” It really depends on the individual. Why would someone want to leave their computer on all the time? Some people hate how long it takes a computer to boot up when it is off and want instant access …

windows, mac

What? I can run Windows on my Mac!

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Yes, as a matter of fact you can run Windows on your Macintosh computer. Let’s face it. Macs are great machines, but some software, such as Microsoft Office, just runs better in the Microsoft Windows environment. And some software will not run on a Mac at all. You can have the best of both worlds by installing Windows on your …

dropbox, file sharing, backup

Never lose an important file again!

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Have you ever lost an important computer file? Didn’t have a backup copy? It’s a bad feeling that most of us have experienced at one time or another. Enter our new hero, “Dropbox”. Dropbox is a service that you can use for free that allows you to not only back up your important files, but to easily share them with …

password manager

Protect and Manage your Passwords

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Passwords! I think most of us can agree that we hate having to remember passwords, and even more, we hate when we forget them. The majority of people that use the Internet use very weak passwords and often use the same one on several different websites. If you use the same password for all your Internet accounts, a password breech …

Get your Photos off your iPhone and on to your Computer

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So you like taking photos with your iPhone? It is very convenient because you always have your phone with you and it doesn’t cost you anything, so you snap away to your heart’s content, capturing all those precious memories. But then, “woops”, there will come that time when you get the notice that your iPhone can’t back up to iCloud …