App News: Snapchat

Rick Moody Technology

Snapchat is a messaging app for sharing moments in your life. You can take a photo or video (what the app calls “snaps”), next add a caption or doodle, then send it to a friend or add it to your story to share with the world/your followers.

You can post your snaps freely without any restrictions or you can send them to someone with restrictions. Restrictions would refer to the time limit in which someone can view the image or video. The person you send the snap can view it for up to 10 seconds. After the time limit has ended, the person you send the snap to will no longer be able to see it because it will then disappear (supposedly). There have been concerns about if the pictures/videos really are deleted from Snapchat’s servers. There have also been hacks that released thousands of people’s private pictures onto the internet. I suggest searching Google to get more info on the app, and deciding if it is for you.


Below is a link to a video about a Snapchat feature.

Snapchat – Now with Video