Board of Trustees & Our Mission

  Board of Trustees

Kym Prewitt
Library Board Chair

Dr. Jimmy Bartlett

Jason Gardner

Anna Gualano

Ashley Hicks

Clay Smith
Member Emeritus

Mayor Ashley Curry
City Council Liaison

Taneisha K. Tucker
Library Director

Wendy Johnson
Foundation Liaison/Chair

Wayne Bagwell
Friends of the Library Liaison/President

Virginia Hornbuckle
Junior Board Chair



Adopted and Approved by the Board of Trustees.

As an innovative and vibrant community center, the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest cultivates dynamic resources, environmentally-conscious facilities and opportunities for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, personal empowerment and entertainment for all.

As a provider, the Library will:

  • Circulate collections of current high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for all ages.
  • Maintain collections in a variety of formats representing a broad spectrum of knowledge on a variety of subjects.
  • Offer reference services providing timely and accurate information in a variety of formats with access from diverse sources.
  • Plan and implement programs and services for all ages that encourage reading, learning, and cultural enrichment.
  • Create environmental educational opportunities as the first “green” library in the state.

As a partner, the Library will:

  • Coordinate the development of reference and informational collections, current reading lists, and other materials for the school system of Vestavia Hills.
  • Facilitate connections with local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Work with other agencies and organizations in providing pertinent community information.
  • Foster the development of programs and services offered by local groups such as The Vestavia Hills Historical Society, Vestavia Hills Art Association, and other similar groups.
  • Work with Keep Vestavia Green and other local, state, and national environmental agencies and organizations as a “green” facility.
  • Always listen and respond to the best of its ability to the library needs of the citizens of Vestavia Hills.