Celebrate National Poetry Month- DIY Blackout Poetry

Celebrate National Poetry Month- DIY Blackout Poetry

April is National Poetry Month! Although you can’t celebrate poetry at the library this year, you can still use your creativity to celebrate poetry at home. Check out the instructions below to learn how you can easily create your own blackout poetry.

What you’ll need:

– Old book, newspaper, or magazine

– Pen or pencil

– Black (or dark colored) marker

– Paint and paint brushes (optional)

Step 1

Find and circle which words you’ll use to make a phrase or poem.

Step 2

Use your marker or paint to outline the words you’ve selected.

Step 3

“Blackout” the remaining area that surrounds your words with marker or paint.

Step 4

Use paint or other supplies to add more decoration and design to your poem.

We hope you are staying encouraged during this trying time. Hopefully this craft will be a fun way to spend your free time!

By Lauren Wyatt, Teen Department