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Makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces that are purposefully-planned and designed for use by community members. These spaces bring together equipment, education and resources that provide opportunities for individuals to learn, create, design and invent. The sharing of space and tools provides individuals with the opportunity to learn and create works that might not otherwise be accessible. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, young or old, we want to make a space for you! But your generosity is the key to MAKE IT HAPPEN! As you can see below, we have a few things in our Makerspace, but our Wish List is substantial!! Please consider making a donation TODAY to grow a new space in your Library in the Forest!! For more information about the Makerspace or to make a donation, click the button below or call 205.978.4632. We can’t wait to see you at the Library!

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What is in the Makerspace?

  • 3D Printing
  • U.S. Cutter MH Series Vinyl Cutter
  • Photography Resources (Lighting, Greenscreen, etc)
  • Arduino kits
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Little Bits & Snap Circuits

What is on the Wish List for the Makerspace?

  • Work/tool bench area to include: laser cutter, hand-crafting area.
  • Audio/Video Lab to include: 3D scanner; digital camera (DSL); digital video camera; television; Chromakey (green) screen with production space; lighting kit, both continuous & strobe/flash; light cube; reflectors; microphone; tripod; headphones; iPads; Adobe Creative Suite software; Garageband software; RSS feed; diffuser; photo/video backdrops (muslins) with stands.
  • Tech Lab to include: Oculus Rift; Scratch; driving simulator (for Driver’s Education); Lego Robotics; MicroSoft Surface Pro computers; Sketch Up; Blender; Inspire; vending machine to dispense supplies and components (USB cables, breadboards, LCD Screens, screwdriver sets, LEDs, resistors, etc.);
  • Addition of RFID technology to manage, tag and track tools and equipment.

How can I use the Makerspace?

Most of the tools are available for immediate use, while others require a bit of training. But the best part is that all classes are FREE OF CHARGE! Vestavia Library staff members are working in the Makerspace during “Open Maker Labs” and will gladly demonstrate the use of the various tools. For other dates and times or to register for any upcoming classes, click the class link on the calendar below. To schedule a group session, call the Library at 205.978.0155.

We are thrilled to invite you to the Library to collaborate, create and MAKE something great!


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